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Welcome to Metropolitan General Practice

My name is Asha Kamat MD. I am the physician and owner of Metropolitan General Practice.

Metropolitan General Practice (MetGP) is a direct primary care (DPC) practice that was started by me to build trust and respect between the patient and her doctor.

My focus is on you, the patient, and your well-being. I am available to my patients when they need my advice every time.

I have a small patient panel, which allows me to spend extra time with you to understand your medical needs and tailor a plan specific for you. My aim is to keep you healthy both physically and mentally. My office has made tremendous efforts to provide commonly prescribed prescription medications at deep discounts along with imaging and labs at discounted prices.

Several other procedures in office which cost hundreds of dollars are provided at no additional cost. In exchange, you pay my office directly without any middlemen. My monthly membership rates are low and affordable. This allows me to pay my bills and at the same time provide quality healthcare to you at a much lower cost.

I look forward to working with you and establishing a long-term doctor patient relationship.

Benefits of Direct Primary Care

Ease of communication

  • Unrushed office visits allow you to get comfortable with your doctor and share personal medical information easily.
  • Being multilingual allows Dr. Kamat to communicate with you directly without interpreter. There is no risk of loss of information during translation.

See the same physician every time

  • This reduces the chances of medical errors significantly.
  • Dr. Kamat will take her time to know you and your healthcare needs personally.

Multiple ways to consult the doctor

  • Dr. Kamat can provide primary care services at her office.
  • You can also see her over telemedicine from the convenience of your home or office.
  • She is also available by text or phone after hours.

Knowledgeable and experienced board-certified physician by your side

  • Obtain accurate diagnosis and treatment. Avoid unnecessary referrals and harmful tests. Save time and money.
  • Dr. Kamat can talk to your specialists, so the specialist can perform problem focused workup and treatment. Avoid unnecessary procedures, tests and office visits
Metropolitan General Practice

7400 E Crestline Cir Ste 105
Greenwood Village CO-80111






admin at metgp dot com


Asha Kamat MD

Medicine has always been a passion of mine. I have always believed in hard work and compassionate care for everyone. This combination has helped me excel in what I do.
 I was born and brought up in India. With a large population, and limited medical schools, it was extremely competitive for a girl to get into a medical school with limited means. 
 It was extreme dedication and hard work that helped me secure and graduate medical school. Subsequently, I graduated with a post graduation degree in ENT from one of the prestigious medical schools in India. 
 An opportunity presented itself when my husband was offered a job in the United States. I moved here to be with him and started preparing for qualifying exams in the US with a little one on board. 
 I excelled in all my exams and started residency training in Internal Medicine all over again at Texas Tech University, Texas. I worked at the Thomas E. Creek VA medical center and was awarded the George Kollmar award for exemplary work with our veterans. After graduation about a decade ago, I moved to Colorado and started working for a large physician group for a few years. Although I enjoyed working for them, my entrepreneurial spirit always wanted something of my own.
 In 2013, I started my own practice to help the local community. I am thankful for the excellent response and support from our local community. 
 I am proud to say in 2020, Metropolitan General Practice was started to provide primary care to patients directly without insurance as a payor. It is a step towards establishing trust and respect between the patient and her doctor. 
 I believe in communicating with patients directly and effectively to start a beautiful doctor-patient relationship. My patients and I discuss all the medical issues and make decisions as a team. I am also multilingual in English, Hindi, Spanish and other dialects, has which has helped me communicate effectively. I am fortunate to live in beautiful Colorado, with stunning landscapes. I spend a lot of time outdoors. I like to read medical literature to keep myself UpToDate. I live with my amazing family, my husband, 16-year-old daughter and 2 dogs.


At the time of office visit, please present your insurance card.  We bill your visit to the insurance card you present. 

In the event of an error in your insurance, please let our front office staff know.

We are in network with most insurances. However individual plans may vary and not known till a claim is adjudicated.

We are a smoke free facility.

We need every patient to finish all the forms online and check in online if possible. 

Most visits start on time, so please plan to be at the office, fifteen minutes before your appointment.

Habitual no show patients are terminated from the patient panel.

We charge a no show fee.

If you are not able make the commute, or take time off for commute , explore tele medicine available now.